Thursday, 19 January 2012

gabrielle union

  • Question:-Who do you prefer Rihanna or Gabrielle union and Why?
    I like Rhianna's style and her changing taste in music, gabrielle union Absolutely beautiful and she represents women well, shes mid 30's dresses decently and has a good outlook on life.

    Who do you favor?

    Answer:-Well they both do completly diffrent things in the entertainment industry. I can't decide though, they are both really pretty and talented at what they do.
  • Question:-What physical facial features make Gabrielle Union so pretty to people?
    What physical facial features make Gabrielle Union so pretty to people?

    Answer:-HEY EYES -- remind me of Asians!
  • Question:-What makes some people think Gabrielle Union look half Asian?
    What makes some people think Gabrielle Union look half Asian?

    Answer:-This what I don't get about black people, you're always telling us everybody originally came from Africa, but when we say ok, that's why this person looks parts Asian or this person looks part white you tell us no. Just make up your mind, were all brothers and sistas or we ain't, but none of this picking and choosing who can be black and who can't be. I know for a fact many African tribes have Asian and Caucasian ancestry before I've been studying for years, blacks have the most genetic diversity so that ought to tell you something right there, they have the most racial diversity so she could very well be part Asian if sho looks like it, so don't worry about it, most people are mixed and the world is heading in that direction anyways so what's the big deal? It's not hard to believe we could be directly related or have ancestors who were related, afterall this is what being human is, were the same.
  • Question:-Gabrielle Union...?
    ...why do people ask if she has Asian ancestry?

    Don't they notice plenty of black women have almond shaped eyes like:

    Nia Long

    etc etc.

    Answer:-yes, both of her parents are black..........however, we're ALL mixed with another race/culture in one way or another. My Great grandfather was white and his wife, my great grandma was indian. to make a long story short, both of my parents are black, and my daughter was born with blue eyes (her dad is black)
  • Question:-Guys: Would you prefer a girl with a body like Nicki Minaj or Gabrielle Union?
    I feel like Nicki Minaj is on the fat side with way too much hips and thighs. I think Gabrielle Union is still considered thick with an athletic frame.

    Answer:-That is easy: Gabrelle Union! In my opinion I think Nicki Minaj is slightly plump and looking like in future she could gain lots of weight.
  • Question:-What facial features on GABRIELLE UNION do MEN love so much? ?
    What facial features on GABRIELLE UNION do MEN love so much?

    Answer:-Umm kitty hawk Union is of mixed race. Frankly all of your answers are racist so you suck

    Moving on she has an oval face, nice eyes, lips and nose. VERY feminine looking
  • Question:-What ethnicities are Gabrielle Union made of?
    I read on multiple sites she was West African, Filipino, and Native-American.

    SOURCE :

    She looks sexy, and she goes out with the 3rd best Basketball player in the NBA Dwyane Wade.

    Answer:-Stop trying to make beautiful black women mixed? I have seen some of the most ugliest biracial people being mixed means not a d@mn thing with being attractive.
  • Question:-Anyone know the name of the comedian that kind of looks like Gabrielle Union?
    I saw this black female comedian once on Comedy Central and I cant think of her name. Every time I picture her I think of Gabrielle Union so I think they might look a little similar. Anyone know who I am talking about?
    THATS IT!!!! Thanks so much

  • Question:-What is the commercial Gabrielle Union is in for Neutrogena?
    I keep seeing this commercial and want to try the product but keep forgetting the name. The product is supposed to even your skin tone and its make by Neutrogena

    Answer:-Wasn't Union that known Poet celeb?
  • Question:-What kind of hair extensions does Gabrielle Union use ?
    My mom told me she heard it in an interview but can't remember the name or the type. That's all I really know.
    I would like to know what brand or type

    Answer:-i dont think she uses any

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